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IP67/68 Industrial Managed/Unmanaged/PoE Switch 

  • Waterproof, dust-tight against harshest environment
  • Robust connection anti vibration, shock
  • RSR, VLAN, QoS, IGMP, SNMP and JetView management
  • 4 port IEEE 802.3af PoE
  • Operating temperature -25~70°C
  • DNV certificate applying
  • EN50155 compliance

JetRock Series Industrial Ethernet Switch

JetRock series is designed to provide ultra rugged and long-life protection against the roughest industrial usage without the need of additional shelters. The totally sealed enclosure achieves the highest level of protection, IP67 and IP68. The JetRock Series is equipped with rugged RJ45 and M12 connectors for a secured, robust connection under the most brutal environments.

Challenges for Industrial Ethernet in Extreme Harsh Environments

It is a trend that industrial Ethernet is increasingly adopted in locations with extreme harsh conditions, such as outdoor, offshore, marine, railways and moving vehicles. Industrial Ethernet is also moving from the management and control level to the front end, and field level.
These environments expose Ethernet devices to severe weather, moisture, oil, dust, corrosive or flammable vapor and gases. The devices are also subjected to severe Electric Magnetic Interference (EMI), constant vibration and heavy shock or impact. JetRock series overcomes the challenges of these extreme environments.

IP67/IP68 Degree of Protection

IP code, known as International Protection or Ingress Protection, is defined in the international standard IEC 60529, “Degrees of protection provided by the enclosure”. The level of protection is presented by two characteristics numerals. The first one indicates the protection against ingress of solid foreign objects, such as hands or fingers, and even sand and dust. The lowest level is 0 and the highest is 6. The highest level is dust tight which means that dust can be insulated by the enclosure completely. The second one represents the protection against ingress of water, rated from non-protected (0), to continuous immersion (8).
JetRock series are IP67 and IP68, which are guaranteed against dust and are immersion-proof for the highest level of protection without additional shelters.

Ultra Rugged, Long-Life Enclosure

While IP67/IP68 represents highest level of protection against ingress of water, oil and dust, it does not mean ruggedness and robustness. Cases made of plastic, for example, can be easily molded to meet a high IP rating. However, the plastic case is prone to crack or distort in shape, which can lead to IP level degradation when subjected to heavy shock and impacts. The poor thermal conductivity can also makes it less suitable for fan less system operation within high temperature environments.
The JetRock series enclosure provides the strongest construction suitable to withstand the toughest workplaces. The case is constructed with high grade aluminum, for the protection against impact and shock without any shape distortion. The case allows for heat dissipation for a fan less and sealed design. And the noncombustible material ensures the release of any toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures.

Robust Connection

While commercial RJ45 connectors are widely used for their ease of use, they’re not designed to withstand regular or severe vibration and shock which often occurs within industrial environments. Furthermore, they are neither waterproof nor dust-tight.
JetRock series is designed with IP67 rated RJ45 and IP68 rated M12 connectors, which provides the most rugged connection for harsh industrial applications. The screw cam design compresses and seals the jack, which guarantees protection against water and dust. The screw cam connector also produces a strong ridge connection to eliminate link loss as a result of extreme vibration and shock. In combination with STP cable, the overall link is protected against EMI to ensure data integrity.

Total Solutions for Rugged Usage

JetRock series provides total solutions for rugged industrial usage. Managed and unmanaged switches, or PoE-enabled, there’s a switch for various applications.
The managed models of JetRock support ring redundancy, traffic isolation, traffic shaping, and traffic prioritization to meet requirement of network management and deterministic real-time transmission, while the unmanaged versions provide the plug-and-play usages. The unmanaged PoE-enabled JetRock can deliver power safely to areas where traditional power is inaccessible.

Various Locations & Critical Applications

With the highest grade of protection, the JetRock series can be used in various locations and applications. From automation and plant floor, to offshore and pharmaceutical, the JetRock is the perfect fit many tough industrial needs.

Example locations of JetRock are:

And the applications could be:
  • Outdoors
  • Ship, offshore
  • Railways, moving vehicles
  • Hazardous location, such as oil drilling,
    gas stations, coal mines
  • Food, beverage industry
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Plant floor and field level
  • Outdoor IP surveillance
  • Outdoor WiMax, WLAN
  • Roadside traffic monitor and control
  • Weather monitor
  • Dam monitor and control
  • Display broads
  • Process control
  • Factory automation